Volunteers Orientation: 4th April

The WordCamp London 2016 organisers held an online orientation with volunteers which we’ve made public. 

(Please note the actual meeting begins at approximately 5:00 mins as we waited for everyone to join the call.)

Please see the chat transcript below:

Lisa@All: I'm here, but not webcam or microphone (still @ work)

You@All: No worries thanks Lisa!

You@All: Great to have you here :)

Lisa@All: lovely to see and hear you!! :)

You@All: Hey Thomas - can you hear us?

You@All: You’ll need to enable your audio int he top left corner of the screen

You@All: It looks like a little telephone handset

GaryJ@All: (screenshot)  

Viewer 14@All: ok, can hear you, but you don't hear me :(

GaryJ@All: Correct Tomas.

GaryJ@All: Welcome Graham

You@All: Hello Graham!

You@All: Lovely to see you in here :)

Viewer 20@All: Hi can't hear anything at present though

Viewer 17@All: helloooooo there!

GaryJ@All: @all, if you click the left green button, and find your viewer number, you may be able to change your name.

You@All: Hello everyone here :)

You@All: thanks so much for taking the time to join us today

GaryJ@All: Hi Babs

Thomas@All: \o/

GaryJ@All: Tip: You can grab the video circles and move them up out of the way.

GaryJ@All: Please mute (third icon, top left), if you're not speaking.

Viewer 32@All: no :)

Viewer 32@All: Yes :)

Viewer 42@All: no sound... :(

Lisa@All: You’ll need to enable your audio int he top left corner of the screen It looks like a little telephone handset

Viewer 20@All: Viewer 42: buttons at top left

Viewer 32@All: +1

Viewer 29@All: Quick Q. Sorry if I missed it. Where are we meeting at 6:30?

Viewer 32@All: :D

Viewer 26@All: Are the photographers sorted?

Viewer 35@All: Photographers are fine but if you are interested in being one contact me.

Pradeep Singh@All: I am interested in being one - who should I contact?

Viewer 35@All: Photographers are meeting at 7:30am Saturday - we also have a group.me. Pradeep please ping me on Slack.
Lisa@All: I have a question: when on the spreadsheet I'm allocated as just A. what am I assigned to?

Viewer 26@All: Me too - will be taking some anyway but can bring proper camera too if useful.

Pradeep Singh@All: Your name is not visible - Viewer35

Viewer 48@All: Continental breakfast :)

Viewer 35@All: karmatosed: tammie lister

Viewer 29@All: Where are the lifts and disabled toilets?

Viewer 48@All: sounds just fine

Viewer 20@All: Lisa - is that one of the sessions you said you want to attend

Pradeep Singh@All: Thanks!

Viewer 35@All: If you are going to take photos we would prefer it organised to really help us cover everything - so thanks.

Lisa@All: thank you for your answer

Viewer 26@All: How active does the mic runner need to be (time keeper)?

Scott@All: What is GC108 being used for this year?

GaryJ@All: Scott - track B I think.

GaryJ@All: And Contributor Day

Thomas@All: Does anybody need to be on location on Sat. 6:30am even if there is no shift planned?

Thomas@All: 6:30am is so damn early... :(

Ross t@All: to get there it will mean leaving before 5:30am :/

Viewer 39@All: Hi, Francesca here: I see myself in the full rota, but not in the Saturday PM Sessions (I should be in the Rocket). Let me know if I need to be there or not :-)

You@All: Thanks for letting me know Francesca - I’ll look into it and amend it so it’s consistent across the sheets

Viewer 39@All: Thanks!

Viewer 46@All: can you send the link to the spreadsheet again please? can't remember where I saved it.  Thanks

Pradeep Singh@All: low Battery ;)

Ross t@All: (Volunteers Rota)
Viewer 46@All: thank you

Viewer 32@All: No - thanks! :)

Viewer 23@All: Thanks!

Viewer 54@All: Thank you! :)

Pradeep Singh@All: Where are the details for Friday dinner?

Thomas@All: And is there something about contributor day on Fr.?

Viewer 48@All: glad it's not compulsory :P

Thomas@All: thx

Viewer 35@All: There is always something to do at registration too :)

GaryJ@All: Thomas? What specifically about contributor day?

Pradeep Singh@All: +1

Thomas@All: @Gary just want to know if there is something special

Thomas@All: phew... so I'll be happy contributing :=

You@All: Yes Thomas :D

Viewer 55@All: Will there be a possibility to locate sponsor luggage and see where the booths are going to be setup?
Viewer 26@All: I can probably be more helpful doing that than contributing ;)

GaryJ@All: Viewer 26 = Barbara ^^^

Viewer 35@All: Everyone can contribute :)

Viewer 20@All: Is there somewhere for volunteers to place their stuff whilst they're on duty?

Viewer 38@All: So you know, i cant use group me on my phone.

Viewer 32@All: :D

Viewer 20@All: Still there Scott?

Viewer 26@All: Thank you, ladies :)

Viewer 55@All: See you!

Viewer 13@All: <3

Lisa@All: byeee

Ross t@All: thanks

You@All: Thank you all!!!!!

Thomas@All: bye