Adrian Restantia

Adrian Restantia is co-founder and Art Director of Moove Agency. Adrian leads the design team, bringing his experience spanning 12+ years and the very best in web design to deliver creative art direction for all of Moove’s projects.

Alex Denning

Alex is a 21 year old blogger, student and marketer! He first became involved with WordPress around 2008 and set up WordPress tutorial site WPShout to share what he was learning. Alex wrote hundreds of tutorials for WPShout and built a lovely community of WordPress people. He sold the site in 2013 in part to fund my University studies.

Alex has since done things like write for Smashing Magazine, manage the Community Blog and huge Facebook pages (10+ million likes) at Miniclip.com, as well as work with various WordPress companies like WPZOOM, Themify and MyThemeShop in a support/marketing capacity. He is currently the Community Manager at WPZOOM.

Alex is currently working on BlogBettr and in the final year of his Politics and International Studies degree at the University of Warwick.

See the slides for Alex Denning’s Talk The Art of Writing a Great WordPress Tutorial.

Angie Vale

Angie Vale builds WordPress websites using the Genesis Framework. She runs a small company called Purple Baby Hippo Web Design who work with local small businesses and non-profits. Angie became interested in web accessibility about a year ago and has been learning about it ever since. She tries to incorporate best accessibility practices into her design and development but there is always room for improvement. Angie lives in Suffolk with her husband and two teenage children. When not working she loves dinghy sailing, playing badminton and spending time with her family.

Belén Albeza

Belén is an engineer and game developer working at Developer Relations in Mozilla. She cares about web standards, high-quality code, accesibility and game development. She has worked in both start-up’s and big companies, developing R&D prototypes, social games and websites.

Belén now lives in Barcelona and likes heavy metal, joining game jams, rollerblading and “Mass Effect”.

See the slides for Belén Albeza’s Talk You might not need a CSS framework.

Ben Furfie

Ben Furfie is a senior front end developer at one of the largest digital agencies in the north of England. He works extensively with WordPress, Drupal, Magento, Perch and several other CMSs. In addition to optimising websites and making them as accessible as possible, he enjoys helping other developers to make the most of their careers. In addition to being addicted to learning more about web development, Ben also enjoys playing video games, running (not that you’d know) and watching TV shows with his other half.

Claire Brotherton

Freelance web designer and front end developer based in Edinburgh, Scotland. She loves WordPress, code, learning and blogging.

Corinne Welsh

Corinne Welsh is passionate about free and open source software and lifelong learning. She runs a training and development company http://JustOutsource.it to indulge both these passions. Corinne lives in London with two cats.

Damian Boni

Damian is a professional web developer with (2:1 BSc Hon in Web Technologies) and BTEC National Certificate in IT. He holds over 5 years of commercial experience as LAMP (Linux, Apatche, MySQL, PHP) Developer. Damian specialises in Web Security, APIs and Data Calculation systems. He has been working with WordPress for over 2 years spearheading some of the large WordPress related projects.

See the slides for Damian Boni’s Talk Angular Word: WordPress and AngularJS.

Dan Blows

Dan Blows is a full stack developer working for Moove Agency. He has been building websites since 2001, and even made an AJAX request before jQuery existed. Dan scores in the top 10% of coders on StackOverflow for his development skills.

Dan Westall

HM WordPress Engineer by day, Gamer by night, Speaks CSS3, HTML, PHP, JS and a little English. Knew his dreams of being a journalist were shattered when he realised he couldn’t spell good.

Dave Green

Dave Green is a tea drinking web developer from sunny Manchester specialising in front-end development, WordPress and WooCommerce. He has been developing websites using WordPress for the last five years and is one of the main cogs in the machine known as Make Do: a team of engineers and designers specialising in WordPress development.

See the slides for Dave Green’s Talk Why Switching WordPress Coding Standards will make you a better Developer

David Lockie

David is a Freelance Developer turned WordPress specialist agency Founder & Director. With experience building a WordPress business from the ground up, David has personally grown his agency Pragmatic from 1-20 people over the course of 3 years. He is looking forwards to talking at WordCamp London so he can share his in-depth expertise on growing and running a WordPress business.


Derick Rethans

Derick Rethans is a PHP internals expert, author of Xdebug and an OpenStreetMap and mapping enthusiast. He has contributed in a number of ways to the PHP project, including the Xdebug debugging tool, and various extensions and additions. He’s a frequent lecturer at conferences, the author of php|architect’s Guide to Date and Time Programming, and the co-author of PHP 5 Power Programming. He is now working at MongoDB to work on the PHP and HHVM drivers for MongoDB.

See the slides for Derick Rethans’ Talk Debugging: Past, Present and Future.

Dmitry Mayorov

Dmitry is a freelance web designer and developer. He builds custom themes and plugins for WordPress. Founder of a theme shop called ThemePatio where he creates content-focused, GPL themes the “WordPress way”. Loves meaningful typography, beautiful color schemes, maintainable code and the smell of a good coffee in the morning.

Elliot Taylor

Elliot has been running a WooCommerce agency in Brighton for over five years. This year he launched his SaaS startup aimed to help e-commerce businesses grow their revenue. Elliot’s also a regular in the local Brighton WordPress scene, a co-organiser at WooCommerce London Meetup and a co-organiser of the first WordCamp Brighton.


Emanuel Blagonic

Emanuel has more than 13 years of experience and more than 500 different projects with worldwide clients on his back. From designing websites to designing touchscreen applications, he’s worked with small and big clients, startups and global projects. Although primarily a designer, he’s been in love with WordPress for the past 10 years, being one of the biggest promoters in Croatia – writing articles about WordPress that are not only promoting WordPress but open source as well. He helped organize WordCamp Croatia and organizes WordPress Meetup Zagreb with his brother Lucijan.

As one of the pioneers of the web standards movement in Croatia he is active in community where he works on building a better understanding for design process and educates clients as much as possible. Can be found on Twitter as @eblagonic.

Francesca Marano

Francesca is a WordPress and Business specialist. She is the co-organizer of “All things WordPress”, in Torino, Italy. A consultant, speaker and author, she helps people grow their business in a sustainable way with her favorite tools: business plans and WordPress powered websites.

Gary Jones

Gary Jones is a UK-based WordPress Engineer, code consultant, and proud father of twins. Driven by a passion for excellence, he creates elegant WordPress plugins and theme solutions for clients, and provides services, including code audits, for other designers and developers. He’s worked on projects for SiteGround, Yoast, StudioPress, Web Savvy Marketing, Daniels Trading, Rolls-Royce and many smaller design and development agencies and individuals.

Gary is a key contributor to the Genesis Framework and has contributed to all except one major branch of WordPress Core since 3.3. He has contributed to many open source projects in the community, and is a co-host on the UK Genesis podcast.

A former teacher in schools and prisons, Gary’s goal is to educate WordPress professionals on how they can improve their code. His motto is “knowledge is power”.

Graham Armfield

Graham is a Web Accessibility Consultant with his own company, Coolfields Consulting. He works with organisations to help them improve the accessibility of their websites – testing the websites for accessibility, and advising the designers and developers on how to fix issues found. He has also written and presented detailed training courses on accessibility for developers.

Graham is also a WordPress developer, and has built many accessible WordPress websites for clients – both large and small. He is a member of the Make WordPress Accessible Team and has spoken on accessibility at many WordCamps and WordPress meetups.

Outside of work you’re likely to find him playing his guitar, recording his next album or performing at local open mic evenings.

Ilona Filipi

Ilona Filipi is the co-founder and MD of Innovative WordPress Agency Moove. She blogs at IlonaFilipi.com about the business side of running a WordPress Agency.

8 Insights: How to Build an Innovative Digital Agency by Ilona Filipi.

James Roberts

James is a self employed WordPress developer based in Preston. He has been working with WordPress for a number of years and likes developing websites using the Genesis framework. James provides a number of WordPress services to his clients, ranged from simple plugin implementation through to custom theme and plugin development. In his spare time, James can be found doodling cartoons or stuck into a good computer game.

Jason Agnew

James is the Technical Director at Big Bite Creative, a WordPress.com VIP Partner Agency. He like to think of himself as an all-round programmer who’s spent the last six years specialising in web development, and has the author of a few open-source projects.

See the slides for Jason Agnew’s Talk Guilt-free Coding.

Jessica Rose

Jessica Rose is a self taught technologist obsessed with working to foster more equal access to technical education and digital spaces. She’s currently working with DreamFactory to help them better reach developer communities with their open source project. She’s also founded the Open Code meetup series and co-founded Trans*Code. She’s always interested in hearing about your newest project so come find her for a chat.

John Blackbourn

John is a senior WordPress developer at Human Made in the UK. He is also a WordPress core developer, a member of the WordPress security team, and was the release lead for WordPress 4.1.

Julio Potier

Co-founder of WP Media, the startup that made WP Rocket and Imagify, Julio Potier is a WordPress Expert, an Advanced Trainer and a Web Security Consultant.
He loves to share his skills and thoughts about WordPress, giving talks all around the world.

Kat Reeve

Kathryn is a PHP developer who’s been working for PHP since early in PHP4’s lifespan. Her day to day job keeps her busy with WordPress sites across the range from small to large. Outside of WordPress, she helps run a makerspace, plays board games and watches too much SciFi.

Katie Fenn

Katie Fenn is a software engineer with ten years experience working with JS, CSS and PHP. She is usually up far too late working on open source projects or playing videogames, and up far too early watching motorsport.

See the slides for Katie Fenn’s Talk Debugging your code with Chrome Dev tools.

Keith Devon

Keith is the founder of the WordPress London meetup group, and co-founder of codeHarbour – a web meetup in Kent. Keith has been building WordPress sites for over six years, and has worked with agencies and clients of all size. He is co-founder of Highrise Digital, a custom WordPress development agency.

Kirsty Burgoine

Kirsty is a web designer / WordPress developer living in Shropshire. She has been working within the web industry in one way or another for ten years and running her own web business (imaginatively called Kirsty Burgoine Ltd.) for 5 years.

She specialises in building bespoke WordPress websites for clients large and small, and as the only ‘official’ employee in her company she is proud to be employee of the month EVERY month! In the wild, she can often be spotted in coffee shops with her laptop or excitedly discussing all manner of geeky things.

Konstantin Obenland

Konstantin is a WordPress aficionado, and Core Developer based in Southern California. You might remember him from projects like WordPress 4.3 or the new WordPress.org Theme Directory. At Automattic he’s is part of a team that contributes to Core and WordPress.org full time. He enjoys bourbons, craft beers, and good food — sometimes so much that he blogs about it.

Kristof Van Tomme

This year will be Kristoff’s 10th as an active member of the Drupal community. Over the years he’s helped instigate and organise a range of smaller and larger events. As the founder of a Drupal consultancy he likes thinking and talking about topics that have a strategic impact on the wider open source CMS community, Drupal, as well as his company more specifically.

Leena Haque

Leena HaqueLeena is currently BBC Neurodiversity Project Lead of a project aimed at researching Neurodiversity in Employment covering areas such as recruitment practices and accessibility. Autism is Leena’s super power. She is passionate about raising awareness around Neurodiversity and promoting different thinking styles. She has also developed training workshops, produced some short films and written various guest blogs for different online publications. In her spare time, she is a full time geek.

Maciej Pilarski

Besides organising local WordPress meetups in Wroclaw, Poland, Maciej also runs his own business and teaches university students how to make websites on WordPress. In 2014, he helped organise WordCamp Polska and volunteered at WCEU in Sofia. His previous speaking engagement was at WordCamp Kansai (Japan) 2015.

Since 2015 Maciej moved to Kobe, Japan where he is active in the local WordPress meetup. He is a polyglot (speaking Polish, German & English) who worked on the support team of OnTheGoSystems ­the makers of WPML, ICanLocalize & Toolset. Maciej currently works for DigitalCube Inc. – Amazon Web Services Advanced Consulting Partner, WordPress Code Poet Consultant, first in Japan & all of Asia.

Mark Wilkinson

Mark is a Freelance WordPress developer working from home in Lancashire and a former secondary school teacher of Computing. He builds both large and small WordPress sites for clients and agencies across the UK and blogs about WordPress at markwilkinson.me. Mark is particularly interested in using WordPress in different ways, getting away from a CMS or blog.

Matt Buckland

Matt has over 13 years experience in recruitment and selection for a variety of businesses and industries in the UK, Australia, India, China and the USA. Whilst currently leading the Talent team at Lyst, he has also led teams at Bloomberg, ThoughtWorks, Getco, Criteo and Facebook. He was recently named as one of LinkedIn UK’s Power Profiles and is the onscreen expert in an upcoming BBC 2 TV show about the application of new thinking in recruitment to traditional businesses.

Mik Scarlet

Mik swaps his time between working as a journalist and broadcaster, and running a small but successful access consultancy. This area of his career means he travels the UK advising businesses of varying sizes on methods to ensure their business models are inclusive and accessible. Whether this is helping create an accessible physical environment or designing inclusive systems and practice, the key goal is to allow the business to benefit from the estimated £212 billion annual spending of disabled people and their families. Nothing brings a business around to understanding why an inclusive business model is the way to go like that figure.

On the WordPress front, Mik is a lowly user, but he is married to Diane who is a WordPress developer so he has many conversations about it that fly way over his head! Mik thinks it’s great that so many of the WordPress community have a drive to ensure the platform is inclusively designed and that those who design for it understand the benefits of creating accessible output.

Mike Pead

Mike is founder of Primary Image, in Essex, which predominantly specialises in WordPress web design, support and hosting. He has created websites for Transport for London, National Express Group and many other London-based organisations. Mike has a particular interest in WordPress security and speed optimisation.

See the post on Mike Pead’s talk “Turbo Speed your WordPress Website“.

Mike Selander

Mike is a WordPress agency developer from Colorado, USA. He has built over 250 custom sites on WordPress as well as a a full range of plugins. He is pretty obsessive over QA, testing and eliminating bugs – website bugs, that is.

Mike is also quite passionate about open source software, fast sites, standards-based development, slow-traveling with my wife, photography, and enjoying the outdoors.

See the slides for Mike Selander’s Talk A world without bugs.

Pascal Birchler

Pascal is a 22-year-old student and web developer from Switzerland. He contributes to WordPress wherever he can, whether it’s by organising local events, or through direct core contributions.

His passion is to help other people, whether it’s by cooking, building awesome websites, or by blogging. He’s been working with WordPress for years and is involved with both the German-speaking and the international community. Recently he was given commit access to WordPress core after leading the embeds feature plugin included in WordPress 4.4

Petya Raykovska

Petya is a Senior Project Manager at Human Made where she helps large projects across big publishers and enterprise succeed. She is a huge WordPress enthusiast and active member of the WordPress community, contributing to the awesome Polyglots team. Petya helped organise WordCamp Europe 2014 and WordCamp Europe 2015 and is currently leading a global team of WordPress volunteers from all over the continent to organise WordCamp Europe 2016.

We Need to Talk about the REST API: the non developer guide to the future of WordPress by Petya Raykovska.

Philip John

Phil is a long time WordPress user and 7-year freelance developer. He joined Code For The People and subsequently moved to Automattic following their acquisition. In his spare time he can be found playing with his son and daughter, cycling, drinking real ale or drinking cups of tea.

Rachel McCollin

Rachel is a WordPress developer and writer who writes regularly for WPMU DEV and tuts+. She’s written four WordPress books and created plenty of training videos too.

When she’s not coding, she’s at home in Birmingham laughing at her cat, rock climbing or playing Mario Kart with her two sons.

Rhys Wynne

Rhys is a WordPress professional in Manchester. Author of bbPress Complete, coder of plugins such as WP Email Capture and blogs at Winwar Media.

By day he’s the lead developer of FireCask, a digital marketing agency based in Manchester.

Top Tools For WordPress SEO (To Use As Well As Yoast’s Stuff) by Rhys Wynne

Rian Rietveld

Rian Rietveld is a WordPress front and backend developer. Into web development since 1998 and working with WordPress since 2009. Web accessibility is important to her: the web should be usable and accessible for everyone. So for web developers and graphic designers she provide accessibility training, auditing and consultancy. As a member of the Make WordPress Accessible team she coordinates the wpa11y test team and helps finding solutions for accessibility issues in WordPress core and bundled themes.

Richard Senior

Richard is a developer for BluPoint Ltd. He loves web standards, inclusive design and WordPress. He is the founder of the WordPress Bournemouth meet up group, and a proud member of the WordPress Accessibility Team.

When not working he enjoys cycling, playing the guitar and writing what he likes to call ‘music’.

Ross Wintle

Ross is a freelance website developer, communications consultant and accidental WordPress expert who helps organisations use technology to make the world better. He previously worked in aerospace doing safety-critical software engineering, so websites feel a little more down to earth! Ross is a proud dad, a happy cyclist and he loves working with both people and code.

Sam Cameron

Sam has been in hiring in Tech for a number of years. He’s recruited internally and externally for a range of startups, most recently at DataSift and is now in the process of starting up himself.

Sarah Semark

Sarah Semark is a designer, developer, and world-traveller. She currently works for Automattic designing and building themes. She has visited over fifty countries, and she has built things with WordPress in most of them.

When she’s not busy conquering foreign lands, Sarah likes obsessing over typography, collecting impractical footwear, and drinking glasses of wine the size of her head.

Soledad Penadés

Sole has been building websites for almost twenty years and right now she’s a devevangineer at Mozilla, putting new APIs to a test by building real time audio+graphics experiments with JavaScript (and breaking half the browsers in the process). It’s fun!

Securing your self-hosted WordPress website with Let’s Encrypt by Soledad Penadés.

Taco Verdonschot

Taco is working as community manager at Yoast (and yes, that’s his real name). This includes running the Yoast Support Team, managing Yoast Translate and organising local meetups. He even gets to co-organise WordCamp Netherlands!

After work, he really enjoys riding his motorcycles, translating WordPress, volunteering as a First Aider and following rally raids.

Tammie Lister

Tammie works at Automattic, the company behind WordPress.com. Her background is varied and includes psychology, design, front end development and user experience. She is a contributor to WordPress and passionate about Open Source.

Tim Nash

Tim is the Developer Advocate and WordPress Platform Lead for 34SP.com. A regular speaker at WordPress events in the UK and occasional author and journalist. He also blogs on WordPress, E-commerce and security at timnash.co.uk

Tom Greenwood

Tom is co-founder of the London agency Wholegrain Digital. He loves good design and helping people use open source tools to achieve their own goals.

In his spare time, Tom enjoys good food, learning about health and running for miles through the forest in bare feet.

See the slides for Tom Greenwood’s Talk How to attract big name clients with LOVE.