Here’s What You’ve Said About WCLDN

We did it! 

WordCamp London 2016 is officially over, but it continues to live in the hearts and minds of all of you! Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to write about their experience; your comments, feedback and ideas are invaluable in ensuring we are always improving and responding to the needs of the community.

Please see a round-up of all the write ups we could find about WordCamp London 2016 – let us know if there’s any we’ve missed.

Highrise Digital: WordCamp London 2016

Interconnect/it: WordCamp London 2016 A First Timer’s Perspective 

Digital Cube: Highlights: WordCamp London 2016

Emanuel Blagonic: WordCamp London 2016 Recap 

Purple Baby Hippo: My Trip To WordCamp London

Callia Web: WordCamp London 2016: An Accidental Organisers Tale 

LlamaPress: My Experience at WordCamp London 2016

Bookswarm: WordCamp London 2016 – from a volunteers perspective 

Liz Delves: 10 Reasons WordCamp London was the best conference I’ve ever been to 

Daily Pinner: 7 Takeaways From WordCamp London 2016 

Siobhan McKeown: WordCamp London: A Parent’s Experience 

Unramble: On WordCamp London 2016 & being inclusive

Claire Brotherton: A First Time Speaker’s Experience At WordCamp London 2016 – A Bright Clear

Diane Laidlaw: WordCamp London 2016 – Vlog 

Dmitry Mayorov: WordCamp London 2016 Recap 

If you haven’t created a round-up of your experience, let us know exactly what you think by taking the official feedback survey here. And please get in touch with any vlogs or podcasts of your experience – we’d love those too!

Thanks to everyone that contributed their feedback and shared their experience. See you all next year!

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