Find Help On The Day: Volunteers

WordCamps are a place to ask and answer questions – but there might be a point during WordCamp London 2016 when you need to ask someone a non-WordPress related question: where are the nearest bathrooms? Where can I get some coffee? Where’s the Quiet Room?

For these questions, please look out for our wonderful team of volunteers who will be wearing bright blue t-shirts with the WordCamp London 2016 logo, as well as LOCALHOST, written on the back.

In all their glory, here they are:

Front of the volunteer t-shirt, with the WordPress logo and gears on the chest Back of the volunteer t-shirt, with the logo and the word localhost

Please get in touch with a volunteer if you need to report a Code of Conduct violation. If you cannot see a volunteer around you, please go to the main entrance in the Rocket where you will be able to find a volunteer or organiser.