Contributor Day Schedule & Info

WordCamp London 2016 will hold a Contributor Day on Friday 8th April, at the Graduate Centre, London Metropolitan University.

Don’t forget to claim your free Contributor Day ticket if you are seriously interested in coming along. Numbers are limited, so please refund your ticket if you know you will no longer be available to come on the day.

8th April – Contributor Day

Time Track A
09:30Introductions & Groupings
10:00Session 1
11:30Session 1 (continued)
14:00Session 2
15:30Session 2 (continued)

Teams are dependent on which areas the attendees want to contribute to. These are a typical list of potential teams: Accessibility, BuddyPress, Community, Core, Design, Documentation, Flow, Meta, Mobile, Polyglots, Support, Themes, Training, TV.