2016 Budget

The WordCamp London team organised the 2016 edition in an open Slack channel accessible by anyone in the UK WP Community team. To continue our dedication to organising in the open, the team have crunched all the numbers and the final budget is now available for everyone to see!

Below you’ll find an overview of the 2016 budget. If you would like to see a more in-depth breakdown, you can find all the details in the WordCamp London 2016 budget pdf.

WordCamp London 2016 Income & Expenditure
Expense Category Amount (£)
Venue 16,410.50
Catering 28,800,00
Social 7,002.80
Accessibility 14,812.64
Swag 4,931.88
Misc 2,806.92
Total 74,764.74
Income Amount (£)
Ticket sales 11,295.00
Sponsorship 45,500.00
Global sponsorship 15,000.00
Total 71,795.00
Variance Amount (£)
Income total 71,795.00
Expense total 74,764.74
Variance -2,969.74

Those with keener eyes will notice that we went over budget, and we’re grateful that the global WordCamp.org team were able to absorb the variance.

A huge thank you to the global WordCamp.org team, our sponsors, our speakers and volunteers and our attendees for all your support through-out the organising process, during WordCamp London and after the event.

News about 2017 will be coming out shortly.

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